Laddu Gopal Holi dress


Laddu Gopal Holi dress


Laddu gopal holi dress celebrateyour festival with elegance dress the (4No. 8inch) Laddu gopal  Holi Laddu Gopal Dress. This Laddu gopal holi Dress, crafted from fine fabric, is adorned with beautiful flowers and artificial stones, creating a stunning white Holi-themed ensemble. Specially designed for the Holi festival, it is suitable for 3-6 Number Laddu Gopal idols (please check the size before ordering). The package includes the laddu gopal dress, choli, and a decorated pagdi, making it a complete and charming outfit for your beloved deity. Proudly made in India, it adds a touch of festivity to your spiritual celebrations.”

(4No. 8inch) Laddu gopal Holi dress , Laddoo Gopal Poshak, Bal Gopal Dress, laddu gopal Dress, White Decorated Holi Dress with Pagdi
Name: (4No. 8inch) laddu Holi, Laddu Gopal Dress, Laddoo Gopal Poshak, Bal Gopal Dress, Krishna Dress, White Decorated Holi Dress with Pagdi
Material: Fabric
Type: Laddu gopal
Net Quantity (N): 1
This is a beatuifully Laddu Gopal Poshak in White decorated with Flowers and artificial stones. It is designed specially for Holi festival. Its available for 3-6 Number laddu gopal , kindly check the size properly before ordering. Package includes laddu gopal dress, choli and decorated pagdi.

Country of Origin: India


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