Laddu gopal mala


Laddu gopal mala


A “Laddu Gopal Mala” is a special necklace made for the idol of Lord Krishna, also known as “Laddu Gopal.” This necklace is carefully created with beads and stones that are considered sacred in Hindu traditions. People use these malas to decorate and show their love and devotion to Lord Krishna during prayers. The beads are chosen for their spiritual significance, making the mala a meaningful and beautiful accessory for worship and meditation. It’s a way for believers to express their reverence and affection for Laddu Gopal in their religious and cultural practices.

Name: Laddu gopal mala, laddu gopal jewellery, shringar, for kanhaji, thakorji, god, Radha Rani, Mata Rani,deity ornaments,mala,earring,kangan
Material: Brass
Type: Deity Ornaments
Net Quantity (N): 2
2 malaji,2 pair kangan,1 pair earring

Country of Origin: India


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