Laddu gopal Mukut

Laddu gopal Mukut

Adorn your Size 0 Laddu Gopal  Mukut with our charming “Laddu gopal Ji Mukut” set. This pack of 6 divine pagdi, made from soft fabric, adds a touch of grace to your deity’s attire pagdi. Each crown measures 10 cm, making it perfect for your beloved Lord Krishna. With a variety of vibrant colors, these Mukut bring joy to your worship rituals. Proudly crafted in India, this accessory not only enhances your sacred moments but also reflects cultural richness, creating an enchanting ambiance for your Laddu Gopal’s divine presence. Make every celebration special with these thoughtfully designed Mukut/pagdi.

Name:  Laddu Gopal Kanha Ji Mukut/ pagdi /
Crown for Size 0 – Divine Crown for Your Deity
Material: Fabric
Type: Krishna Dress
Product Length: 10 cm


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